Danielle and Tony

 We are exactly where we wanted to be...

We want to pass along a note of extreme gratitude. You have made this experience fun, insightful, comfortable, and above all successful for the two of us. Thank you for all of your effortd and time in helping us to find our home. We truly appreciate it and couldn't bemore excited about it! I know we went through a lot of homes together, but in the end we are exactly where we wanted to be and we have you to thank for it. 

Thank you again Mark, you're the best!

Nicole and Ken

 We Finally Got Our Dream House...

Moving to a new city is never easy. Thank you so much for the camping and hiking books you sent us. We have enjoyed looking through them and can't wait to visit the many places. We are enjoying our new home and really like living in Portland. Thank You for all your time and effort in helping us find the perfect home. We would gladly recommend you to our friends! 

Take Care and Thanks again! 

Corey and Rebecca

 After 17 Years and Three Realtors...

With all of the relocations, I guess it's been about 17 years since we owned our home. We were on our third realtor here in Salem when Zach overheard our frustrations and recommended that we contact you. 

I can't thank you enough. The house is exactly what we were looking for and the communication and attentions from you and your team was wonderful. The entire process ran like a Swiss watch. 


 Out of Town and Out of Options...

We didn't have the money to repair the leaking roof so you found us a roofer that would do the work and wait to be paid until after we closed. Being out of town, there was no way either Neil or I could have the door knob replaced that fell off the day before our Open House.  You couldn't get a handyman on short notice so you went over and replaced the door knob yourself. There were a lot of moving pieces selling this property and you guided us through all of them. I just want to let you know that in our eyes, your the realtors' realtor. 

Theresa and Matt

Our First Home...

Mark, we are almost settled in and I wantd to let you know how much Marr and I appreciate all of your help. What did we look at, 65 homes or more? You made the entire process informative and fun and I had a hard time relating to people I knew who were also trying to buy a home when they were telling me how frustrated and stressed out they were. 

Thanks again and Go Beavs!

Gene and Regina

 We Got Our Million Dollar View...

Gene and I just want to say thank you. It took some time to sell our house but your record in Burntwood is still perfect. Thank you for your patience. After we switched realtors, Gene told me not to burn you out. I know that we looked at a lot of houses before finding this one and you will have to admit that we saw some pretty interesting ones. This view and house is exaclty what we were looking for. Thanks again and thank you for the hand blown glass bowl. Did you know the colors match our walls and dining room upholstery!